Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who's Cloud are you on?

"Within an hour, more than 1,200 tweets a minute were coming from Tokyo. By the end of Friday, American time, a total of 246,075 Twitter posts using the term "earthquake" had been posted."

This number is staggering and it suggest a socmedia tsunami is heading to your EOC sometime soon.

This brings up a number of issues that are going to need to be adressed and I hope to see the folks in CrisisMedia and SMEM start to talk about them.  Namely Bandwidth and Who's Cloud are you on.  There is no way any single EOC computer system can handle this demand load. Right now we need to be developing a frame work of how to get some of the biggest EMA down to the smallest on to a secure cloud.   

I will not be surprised in the after action reports to see that most of the Japan's local emergency management IT network was unable to stay online or handle the load.  There is only one scalable on demand solutions that is available without going to customer supports and that exist on the cloud.

I think it is incumbent upon those of us in the CrisisData world to push this issues.   And here is the 1 fact you need to know to support this statement of mine. 100 percent of social media is on the CLOUD.

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